Optical Illusion Photo: Bela Borsodi Creates Deceptive Single Shot Photograph (PHOTOS)(VIDEO)

At first glance this colorful arrangement of household items, created by New York-based artist Bela Borsodi, appears to be four separate snapshots. But upon closer inspection, you might notice something a little off about the strategically placed lines dividing the image.

optical illusion bela borsodi
Photographer: Bela Borsodi. Cover photo for music CD “TERRAIN” by VLP (Label: IDYLLIC NOISE).

The deceptive photograph is actually a single shot, assembled from random objects into a perfectly constructed optical illusion. We were quite impressed with Borsodi's ability to trick the viewer's eye, all for an album cover for the band VLP's newest release, "Terrain."

optical illusion bela borsodi

To see the making of Borsodi's photo, check out the video below. Let us know your thoughts on the clever illusion in the comments.