The Better Alternative To Opting Out: Innovate Your Marriage

Get the briefcase and the pacifier ready, it's time for another round of Opting Out of Having It All While Leaning In to the End of Perfect Madness. That is, a debate about women in the workplace and What it All Means.

This time, the catalyst is a New York Times magazine cover story premised on the idea that a small group of super-high-achieving women, who once chose to stay home with their kids (dubbed by the Times, in 2003, as the Opt-Out Revolution), are now, 10 years later, after a serious recession and in some cases divorce, heading back to the workplace, and seemingly unsatisfied with both decisions.

I call BS to this pile of anecdotes disguised as fact. This story is not about women and their choices. Actually, it's not about gender at all. It's about partnership.

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