Oral Hygiene Habits of the Interesting: Pro Bull Rider Luke Snyder


Q: How did you get into bull riding?
A: My grandpa raised beef cattle, and I always had horses, so I went to a camp to learn how to do it at age 9.

Q: Bull riding camp... like going to sports camp?
A: Exactly like a kid going to sports camp.

Q: What city and state did you go to bull riding camp at age 9?
A: Olathe, Kan.

Q: Do a lot of kids do this?
A: Fifteen kids in my class that year.


Q: Would you let your son become a bull rider?
A: Not if it was up to me. I just know what I went through. It has given me many opportunities, and I have seen the world, but it is also very dangerous. If they want to on their own then I will support them.

Q: Have you ever had a significant facial or oral injury from riding?
A: Yes, I had reconstructive surgery on my nose from getting hit by a horn. Later I got two teeth knocked out due to a horn to the side of mouth.

Q: The name of the bull that smashed your nose?
A: Red Alert.

Q: Bull that knocked out teeth?
A: Perfect Storm.

Q: Were you unable to ride for some time?
A: I rode the next weekend!

Q: Do you avoid certain food or drink the day of or just before a competition?
A: I avoid beer and all alcohol before I compete; other than that I don't eat a heavy meal within three hours of performance time.

Q: You now wear a helmet. Do you feel more secure? Do you wear a mouthguard as well?
A: I wear both and feel much more secure -- like a football player wearing shoulder pads, you want to wear the most protection without hindering your performance.

Q: Is it a "bull riding" helmet?
A: InvinciBULL Bull riding helmet with a Custom NASCAR windshield.

Q: Do you floss every day?
A: No, more like two times a week.

Q: Your favorite food?
A: Crawfish.

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