Orange Is the New Black Approved for Prison Broadcasting

In a surprising move, Netflix's recent hit series Orange is the New Black is set to go back to whence it came -- prison.

The show has been approved to be shown to inmates, in an attempt to help them fully understand the way they should conduct themselves while doing time. In order to avoid controversy, the show has been re-edited to better suit viewing in an actual prison.

All graphic lesbian scenes have been removed, as well as references to lesbian and/or heterosexual sex. Scenes of prison violence, hazing and cruelty have also been removed.
So too have scenes of alcohol and drug use. Any hints of prison guards acting in an inappropriate or corrupt fashion have been edited out to avoid accusation by real inmates towards their security staff.

Finally, Flashback scenes of the inmates' early life prior to their incarceration have been removed for the sake of prison moral.

The prison edition of Orange is the New Black will be released next month, and will focus its story on a neurotic jewish man who is abandoned by his fiance'. Starring: Jason Biggs.

Update: Scenes of prison visiting and phone calls by Biggs have been removed.

NOTE: This piece is satirical, fabricated for the purpose of satire.