'Orange Is The New Black' And Jodie Foster Have Teamed Up Again

Jodie Foster Is Back For More 'Orange Is The New Black'

From Lori Petty's casting to word that Laura Prepon will be returning for most of the second season to that awesome wrap party, the recent "Orange Is the New Black" news has only gotten more exciting. And now, it's even better.

Remember how Jodi Foster directed the third episode, "Lesbian Request Denied," of "Orange" last season? Well now she's back behind the camera for a scene from an episode in the upcoming season.

The cast and crew of "Orange" were spotted on location in Riverhead, New York last week filming a period piece scene with Foster at the helm. The scene, reportedly set in 1992, takes place in front of the Suffolk Theater and seems to be a flashback for one of the characters.

Now we're just anxiously left waiting for what will be the most exciting "Orange" news yet -- the official date of the second season will hit Netflix sometime this spring. Till then, just keep rewatching the first season over and over.

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