'Orange Is The New Black' Paper Dolls Are Basically A Dream Come True

There are lots of reasons to love "Orange Is The New Black": the diversity of female characters, how adorable the cast is together, the fact that you can binge-watch it in a weekend ... the list goes on.

But regardless of why you watch the show -- and if you don't, please go stream it immediately -- you'll get a kick out of these amazing "Orange Is The New Black" paper dolls. Artist Emily Niland created the oh-so-fun illustrations, which depict members of the "Orange" cast all ready to be dressed up.

alex vause

The drawings feature Piper Chapman, Alex Vause, Sophia Burset, Daya Diaz, Red and Janae Watson. We're still waiting on Taystee, Poussey and cute prison guard Bennett.

Click over to Emily Niland's website to see the full collection.

[H/T BuzzFeed]

"Orange Is The New Black" Season 3

"Orange Is The New Black"

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