Orange Is The New Black Star Danielle Brooks Says Eff Your Beauty Standards With Sports Bra Selfie


Sports bra selfie anyone? Orange Is The New Black star Danielle Brooks just said eff your beauty standards with a flawless sports bra selfie on instagram. That's right while you were photoshopping that extra roll out of your bikini flick, Danielle Brooks was celebrating her body just as it is. The OITNB star confesses that she'd been wanting to hit the gym shirtless for a while but had been discouraged because her body wasn't perfect. "Today I decided to do something I've never done before: Go to the gym with my SHIRT OFF!! 🙊 I thought I'd share why this is significant for me. I've always wanted to do this but have felt shameful and have told myself "until my body is perfect I'm forbidden." Today my inner being told me to turn up the notch on my self-love. I should not be ashamed of my body. I'm not a walking imperfection! I'm a Goddess. " [See the full post below.]


Preach Danie!

So who's taking the #SportsBraSelfie Challenge? Count me in. Lets stand in solidarity with Danielle and tell the world "Eff Your Beauty Standards"

I'm ready for the gym in my sports bra. #SportsBraSelfie