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'Orange Is The New Black' Season 2 Photos Reveal Nothing, But They're Delightful Nonetheless (UPDATED)


Anything related to "Orange Is The New Black" is bound to make us go bonkers, even these behind-the-scenes photos that tell us absolutely nothing about Season 2.

On Saturday (Jan. 25), the show tweeted that it would post exclusive photos from the "Orange Is The New Black" Season 2 photo shoot on its Instagram account. Below are the photos, and though they don't reveal anything about the Netflix original's new plots, they certainly get us psyched for the show's return.

. Just kidding, she's back! According to Taylor Schilling, Season 2 will take viewers deeper with the characters than the first season did. "It's just getting fuller and richer and, to me, more compelling," she said on HuffPost Live.

Based on these few photos, we can't wait.

We'll keep tabs on the show's Instagram account, so check back for more behind-the-scenes "Orange Is The New Black" photos.

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