'Orange Is The New Black' Releases Season 3 Clip As Show Gets Renewed For Fourth Season

Wednesday brings "Orange Is the New Black" fans some good news, and some much-debated news. Netflix renewed the comedy-drama for a fourth season, but also released a new clip from the upcoming third season about a character's fate.

The Season 2 finale of the show left fans with a major cliffhanger: is Vee alive or dead? The conniving inmate was hit by a speeding van in the final moments of the episode, leaving many to think she's gone for good. (But then again, Netflix's "House of Cards" teased a character's fate as well, so maybe she will return?) Some fans are also convinced they saw Vee in the background of the Season 3 trailer.

tv show gifs Image via Tumblr

To make matters more uncertain, a new clip from Season 3 shows Poussey and Crazy Eyes getting into a cafeteria argument when Poussey claims Vee was "smooshed like a bug on a windshield." Crazy Eyes is super adamant that Vee is coming back for her, though. Sadly there's no pie throwing, but at least we have a fourth season to look forward to for that.

"Orange Is the New Black" Season 3 hits Netflix on June 12.



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