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20 Savory Recipes For Oranges

A sweet, juicy orange is amazing for eating out of hand or turning into sweets and desserts, but you shouldn't stop there. They also lend lots of flavor when used in savory dishes. Just a little bit of acidity can make all the difference in a sauce, salad, marinade or any dish, for that matter. They've got an edge over other citrus fruits (lemons especially) because they're both mellow and sweet -- and that little bit of sweetness goes a long way in adding flavor to recipes.

Whether they utilize just the juice, zest or the entire fruit or all of the above, oranges go a long way in the recipes featured below. Our salads get a citrusy punch from oranges, stews and braises benefit from their acidic tang, and simple sides like rice pilaf are elevated in flavor. Orange season is now, so learn some ways to incorporate them into your recipes.

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