Orange 'Trump-A-Gator' Spotted In South Carolina Pond

He's making America "gate" again.

Donald Trump has a doppelganger ― or is that a “doppel-gator”?

Residents in Hanahan, South Carolina, have seen an alligator that’s about the same shade of orange as the Donald.

The gator’s amazing resemblance to the President has led locals to call the animal “Trump-A-Gator.” 

Just like the President, the Trump-A-Gator is inspiring lots of jokes, such as that the Trump-A-Gator is using too much self tanner, the Charleston Post and Courier reports.

The paper also wondered if the reptile was a fan of the Clemson Tigers, who won the National College Football Championship last month.

There has been some speculation that the Trump-A-Gator’s orange hue is some form of albinism, but herpetologist Josh Zalabak throws shade on that theory.

He thinks environmental factors are more like the cause of the rust-colored reptile.

“Algae ― maybe some pollutant in the water, but it’s hard to say unless the water is tested,” Zalabak told local station WBTW.

Department of Natural Resources’ Alligator Program Coordinator Jay Butfiloski suspect the Trump-A-Gator is orange because of where it spent the winter. Spoiler alert: It wasn’t Mar-A-Lago.

“[It] might be iron oxide (rust) that has discolored it,” he told WCSC TV. “It may be using a rusty steel culvert pipe.”

Butfiloski told the New York Daily News he did not know if the orange color would wash off the gator or whether it could last longer than four years.



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