Orange Watergate: The Inevitable Impeachment Of The 45th President

Rules are meant to be broken. Secrets...secrets on the other hand are to be taken to the grave. Especially ones your friends share. What’s more, you don’t share your friends secret before they decide what they’re going to do with the information. But like Drake on ‘30 for 30’, the president of the United States apparently didn't get the message.

It seems that all basic rules of life and friendship and alliances don’t apply to the 45th president. As we progress through the wilderness of his erratic behavior, his carelessness becomes all the more harrowing. Impeachment now seems to the 45th presidential administration what death is to all of us, an inevitability. When he is essentially, FIRED, how will he spin his failure? No, how will he spin the fact that he failed…”BIGLY”?!

Politics at the highest level, has, for decades, had generally established norms or courses of action. 45 went to Washington to drain the swamp but the exact opposite has happened. At this juncture, there are enough former Goldman employees to open a branch office. For someone preaching to “drain the swamp” the way President Obama preached “Change” and “Hope” his administration has been a raw sewage dump into the Potomac.

Ok, so maybe this criticism is heavy handed but in the time since his inauguration, the 45th president of the United States has shown himself to be a different breed of the same animal he campaigned against. Much like the wolf in sheep’s clothing, he used his status as a businessman and political outsider to engender support from a base that truly feels outside of and divorced from Capitol Hill. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on your stance, the president has taken the mask off, so what does the future hold?

As of now, we hurry up and wait for Robert Mueller, former FBI Director and special counsel for the Justice Departments Russia Investigation to sift through the evidence. Already, the White House is attempting to find legal footing through which the investigation can be weakened. The notion that where there is smoke, there is fire, has never been more evident. With each dismissal of high-ranking government officials, smoke billows thicker from the Oval Office. If there is nothing to hide, why dismiss the “nut job” if he will inevitably find nothing? Let him exert maximum effort with minimal results and consequently, lose his job after wasting his time and resources. If anything is found, if the memos have anything of substance, former FBI director Comey becomes a political Martyr.

The reactionary and cavalier nature of the president will ultimately be his down fall. As his approval ratings tumble and confidence wanes, expect the weight of possible impeachment to make his already poor decision making worse. Self-preservation is ultimately the downfall of the narcissist.

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