Oranges and Garcinia Cambogia Can Save your Life

Oranges and Garcinia Cambogia Can Save your Life
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Have you wondered how to stay healthier without spending every single penny you have? The answer is simple, practice healthy eating.

Healthy eating is really about eating balanced diets but the misconception on what a balanced diet is has caused many people to spend more than their income permits.

Even if you have to ‘break the bank’, you will not get excellent results if you are investing in your health wrongly.

A balanced diet in its right definition is a meal not strictly gotten from cooked foods but also from fresh fruits and vegetables.

It is however surprising that in an information filled world, many individuals still have little or no knowledge about the nutritional and health benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables. According to World Health Organization, an estimated 5.2 million deaths worldwide were attributed to inadequate fruit and vegetable consumption in 2013.

Among many different types of fruits, citrus fruits have significant nutritional and health benefits. They are most commonly thought of as a good source of Vitamin C.

Oranges and Garcinia Cambogia are both citrus fruits and are very essential to keeping you alive.

One orange provides a range of vitamins and minerals. It provides a staggering 130 percent of your Vitamin C needs for each day. Vitamin C aids protection against immune system deficiency, eye disease and cardiovascular disease among many other benefits. According to Megan Ware, a dietician, an orange a day is as recommended as an apple a day for healthy living.

Garcinia Cambogia on the other hand is beneficial for weight loss. It reduces your appetite and prevents fat storage. According to Dr. Julie Chen and Dr. Oz, Garcinia Cambogia, when used properly can change your body composition, spark weight loss and help you get healthier.

Why this is a life saver is because, being overweight increases your risk of having a heart failure, stroke, type 2 diabetes, osteoarthritis, breast and colon cancer. All these are terminal illnesses and are not life supportive.

Your health is your wealth because when you are sick or diseased, you can achieve little or nothing.

If you are overweight, Garcinia Cambogia is a recommended fruit to get started on losing body fat and escaping death by chronic illnesses.

Not only are Oranges and Garcinia Cambogia life savers, they are also health improvers.

Begin today, practice healthy eating by taking in fresh fruits and vegetables. An orange a day is a good start.


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