Orangutan At Japanese Zoo Cools Itself With Towel (VIDEO)

WATCH: Orangutan Cools Off In A Shockingly Human Manner

Somebody may want to show this video to Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann.

An orangutan at Japan's Tama Zoo delighted visitors with its cooling off skills, dipping a towel into a pool, wringing it out, dabbing its face and upper body, and repeating.

It may sound basic, but it's pretty amazing to watch the ape in action.

And when the towel-keeper wouldn't share with a smaller orangutan? Check out what the little one did to prove a towel wasn't needed to stay cool.

Multiple studies have shown wild orangutans use "found objects" like branches to swat bees, leaves to protect their hands from spiny fruit and collections of leafy sticks to create an umbrella-type tool.

Another study observed captive orangutans using raw materials provided to them to perform tasks such as removing raisins from wooden blocks.

Earlier this year, the Girl Scouts organization came under fire for supporting palm oil plantations, which are said to threaten the orangutan population.



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