Sweet Orangutan Kisses Pregnant Woman's Belly Through Glass

"He is very interactive." Accurate!

We're assuming this orangutan doesn't make it to many baby showers, but he may have the sweetest gift of all.

Watch Rajang, a 47-year-old orangutan at the Colchester Zoo in England, kiss the belly of pregnant woman Maisie Knight through the glass of his enclosure.

Knight, 23, was 37 weeks in when she visited the zoo with her partner, Jamie Clarke, on July 13, SWNS reported. 

While we can never know for certain what the kiss meant, the zoo's website describes Rajang, who was orphaned a month after his birth, thusly: "The reason why keepers and visitors adore Rajang so much is because he is very interactive and engages with visitors and keepers in ways which other individuals may not."

He's also discerning, apparently. When Clarke put his own belly to the glass, he said he "got a dirty look" from Rajang, Metro reports.

Here's a recently posted Facebook photo of the couple: