Curious Orca Investigates Stand-Up Paddleboarder In New Zealand

If you think you're shaky on a stand-up paddleboard now, just imagine being nudged by an inquisitive orca while on one.

Luckily, Lukas Reilly, the paddleboarder in the video above, was surefooted when a killer whale swam up beneath him on Monday in Kuaotunu, New Zealand. Reilly, a New Zealand restaurant owner, managed to stay upright while the animal lightly nudged and pecked at his board.

Reilly paddled out after hearing word that orcas were sighted nearby, but didn't expect to encounter any, New Zealand's 3 News reports.

Killer whales are found throughout New Zealand's coastal waters. While there have been a few reported incidents of wild killer whales threatening humans, they are rare and there are no well-documented incidents of a wild orca killing a human.

In January, a pod of five killer whales visited with a stand-up paddleboarder in Laguna Beach, California. After watching both encounters, we're seriously considering investing in a paddleboard.



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