Orca Rescue

Dr. Ingrid Visser, is very passionate about Orca's and embarked on her life-long dream to study orcas in 1992. She is an internationally published researcher who's work was instrumental in the New Zealand Governments reclassification of NZ orca from "common" in the NZ Threat Classification System to "Nationally Critical." A majority of the Orca footage shot in the documentary Blackfish was footage contributed from Visser.

Dr. Ingrid Visser dedicates her life and her research to help the most intelligent predator on earth -- Orca. She swims with wild orca and advocates for modern solutions to release orcas from captivity. This short film documents an orca rescue from entanglement along with never-before-seen footage of a GoPro mounted to the dorsal fin of a wild orca.

This film was shot on location in New Zealand and includes various archival footage and pictures from the Orca Research Trust.

This video is a must watch more any ocean enthusiast!