Mystery Pooper Terrorizing Lawns Of New York Town

Police say there's been little movement on the investigation.

Someone is pooping on the lawns of Orchard Park, New York, but police say they don’t have much to go on.

The first mystery pooping was reported Nov. 8 by a woman who told police she found feces and tissue outside her home.

The woman also said she thought the “poopetrator” was a jogger, and said that it had happened on more than one occasion, Orchard Park police Lt. Jason M. Schiedel told The Buffalo News.

Although police say they only received one complaint, an ad placed in the Orchard Park Pennysaver earlier this month suggested the public dumping had happened numerous times. The ad, warning of security cameras and increased police patrols, is signed by “the Homeowners whose property you invaded.”

Orchard Park Pennysaver

Despite the increased surveillance, an employee of the Orchard Park Police Department told HuffPost there has not been much progress on the case since the initial report.

This has been a big year for public poopers.

Earlier this month, a homeowner in Sacramento County, California, released video showing an Amazon delivery contractor leaving a pile of feces in front of his house.

In September, a female jogger in Colorado Springs, Colorado, dubbed the “Mad Pooper” went on quite a run by repeatedly pooping on one particular lawn.

In June, UFC fighter Justine Kish pooped herself during a match, but she scored points by tweeting “shit happens” after the defeat.

In May, a Florida man accused of shooting at a police officer went the extra mile in disgusting acts by pooping on a search warrant.

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