The Danish National Chamber Orchestra Ate The World's Hottest Peppers And Tried To Play

WATCH: Orchestra Eats World's Hottest Peppers, Tries To Play

The Red Hot Chili Peppers have nothing on the Danish National Chamber Orchestra.

In a video uploaded to YouTube on Friday, each member of the orchestra eats one of the world's hottest chili peppers, and then the group proceeds to play Jacob Gade's "Tango Jalousie."

The painful stunt was orchestrated by Claus Pilgaard, a Danish chili aficionado, according to The Independent. Pilgaard films other people eating hot peppers and puts the videos on YouTube under the moniker "Chili Klaus."

Per Pilgaard's Facebook page, the musicians were given Carolina Reapers, TSMBs and ghost peppers, varieties considered to be among the hottest in the world.

Classical music has been known to make people tear up, but probably never like this.

WATCH the red-hot performance above.

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