Oreck Halo Vacuum Under Fire For 'Misleading' Health Claims, Vacuum Owners To Get Rebates

Did you buy an Oreck Halo vacuum or Oreck ProShield Plus air cleaner? If so, you may be eligible for a refund from the company.

The Oreck Corporation allegedly "made false and unproven claims that the products could reduce the risk of flu and other illnesses, and eliminate virtually all common germs and allergens," according to a press release from the Federal Trade Commission.

This week, on behalf of Oreck, the agency will mail more than 27,000 checks to thousands of consumers who have purchased the products based on sales records provided to the FTC by Oreck.

Consumers who bought a Halo vacuum, which currently retails for $100 - $400 depending on the make, model and vendor, will receive a $25 check. Those who purchased the ProShield Plus air cleaner, which sells for over $300, will receive a check for $24.65. Consumers have 60 days to cash the checks, which are funded with $750,000 the agency collected from Oreck. The company is also prohibited from making "any of the allegedly deceptive claims ... unless it has competent and reliable scientific evidence to support the claims," according to the press release.

If you have questions about these refunds, you can call the FTC's consumer hotline at 877-772-6154, or check the website here. Remember that the FTC never requires consumers to pay money or provide any information in order to receive an agency refund or cash an agency check, so be wary of anyone who says otherwise.