Which States Are Searching For Buddha, Or Allah, Or Satan?.. And Other Religious Questions From Google Trends (QUIZ)

Real estate website Estately provided an unexpected look into the distinctive quirks of each U.S. state by analyzing "which words, terms, and questions each state was searching for more than any other."

The analysis was conducted by using Google Trends to determine which states were uniquely interested in certain search terms, and quite a few religious terms were in the mix.

Can you guess which states searched for these terms more than any others? Take our quiz here:

The Estately team produced the map by putting search queries into Google Trends and seeing which state searched for them the most-- an admittedly random method which has resulted in a pretty wacky map. Creator Ryan Nickum told Vox, "It's hard to find stuff that every single state was number one." His method was "basically just was throwing everything at the wall trying to get something to stick."


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