Oregon Ducks Tour New Football Facility (VIDEO)

WATCH: Oregon Players Amazed By Crazy New Team Facility

By Chris Yuscavage, Complex Sports

The University of Oregon's new $68 million football facility is crazy. CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAZY! Like, we can't even believe that it exists. And if we were any good at playing football, we would definitely attend the school just off the strength of the facility. It includes:

  • A 25,000-square-foot weight room that features Brazilian Ipe wood floors
  • A locker room that features German-built lockers equipped with ventilation systems designed to eliminate smells
  • A barbershop
  • A players' lounge that features a pool table, two foosball tables (with kickers made to look like Oregon players), and a large terrace
  • A "War Room" that only 40 people within the football program can access
  • When the Oregon players got their first look at the facility recently, they damn near couldn't contain themselves. Some didn't even look like they could find the words to describe just how happy they were to have such an incredible football facility at their disposal. Peep the video above to see their reactions to it.

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