Corduroy Regains World's Oldest Cat Title

Corduroy's age is equivalent to 124 human years.

Guinness World Records just revealed the name of the world's oldest living cat, but its old news for this puss.

Corduroy, a domestic long hair living in Sisters, Oregon, turned 26 on Aug. 1, and won the coveted honor after the previous title holder, Tiffany Two, died in May. Corduroy was probably a little catty about the award, because it was his second time winning it.

Tiffany Two -- who was 27 years, two months and nine days old when she died --snatched the record away from Corduroy last October when she was nominated and discovered by Guinness World Records.

Tiffany Two held the title for seven months before she died, according to ABC News.

Corduroy hasn't commented on the honor, but his owner, Ashley Reed Okura, is very pleased.

“We are thrilled! I bought Corduroy a mouse to celebrate," she said in a Guinness World Records press release. "He is such a mellow, cool old cat and it is wonderful to share him with the world. It's truly amazing to have picked Corduroy out from a litter when I was almost seven years old and still have him in my life today."

Okura credits her cat's long life to good genes and letting him roam outdoors.

The World's Oldest Living Cat title is Corduroy's to lose, but he has his work cut out for him if he wants to be the Oldest Cat ever.

That honor goes to a cat in Austin, Texas, named Creme Puff who lived a whopping 38 years, three days, before dying in 2005.

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