Oregon Man Finds Year-Old $1 Million Winning Lottery Ticket While Cleaning His House

Joemel Panisa re-discovered his ticket just eight days before it was set to expire.

If ever you needed any motivation to clean up your house, then this is it.

Joemel Panisa was tidying up his home in Logsden, Oregon, while holed up during a snowstorm on Monday when he stumbled across a year-old winning lottery ticket — which turned out to be worth $1 million.

He’d bought the Mega Millions ticket for the Oregon Lottery from a mini market in Newport on Jan. 15, 2016, according to the state’s lottery agency.

But on returning home, he placed it inside an envelope in his home office and then totally forgot about it for almost 12 months.

With the ticket set to expire just eight days after its rediscovery, Panisa claimed his winnings on the same day.

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