Oregon May Just Be The Most Stunning State In America. Here's Proof.

Oregon May Just Be The Most Stunning State In America. Here's Proof.

You can wander the whole United States, but you won’t find any place quite like Oregon. This coastal paradise is chock-full of lakes, mountains, rivers and valleys that blossom with life in spring and turn blazing colors in fall. You can hike, bike, snowboard, canoe, zip line or row along trails, streams or perfectly manicured waterfront gardens in the state’s quaint cities and towns. Oh, and did we mention the beaches are dazzling too?

Welcome to Oregon, a state so naturally stunning that it’s got to be the most beautiful in America. We asked our readers to show off some of their favorite spots in Oregon, and the results only make us want to take a hike all the more. Here are 13 places that make Oregon quite possibly the most stunning state in America.

1. Tillamook State Forest

Snuggled between Portland and the coast, this is the perfect place for an epic day hike and overnight camping trip.

2. Tamolitch Pool

You’ll come across this turquoise wonder on the 26-mile McKenzie River Trail.

3. Anthony Lakes

Loop around the lakes on foot or take your horse for a trot.

4. Angel’s Rest Trail

Hike or run this fairly easy trail for some stellar forest views.

5. Proxy Falls

Visitors call this cool cascade an “unexpected treat.”

6. Crater Lake

That oasis of perfection in the middle is Wizard Island, an ancient volcanic cinder cone.

7. Broken Top and South Sister peaks

Oregonians know the Three Sisters as the three volcanic peaks in the Cascade Volcanic Arc and the Cascade Range. Broken Top is a jagged mountain popular with rock climbers.

8. Thor’s Well, Cape Perpetua

This massive saltwater fountain is the highlight of a coastal tour.

9. Multnomah Falls

At more than 600 feet tall, this is one of Oregon’s most incredible places to get misted.

10. Portland Japanese Garden

Five gorgeous garden styles go on full, blooming display in one of Oregon’s busiest cities.

11. City of Newport

The so-called Dungeness Crab Capital of the World also boasts some stellar beach sunsets.

12. Tom McCall Waterfront Park

Portland’s waterfront green space features a battleship memorial and plenty of quiet paths.

13. Cannon Beach

You might recognize Haystack Rock from the movie “The Goonies.” Leave it to Oregon to take the starring role.

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