A College Basketball Player Purposefully Tripped A Ref Last Night

An early candidate for most unsportsmanlike play of the year.

Oregon State Beavers basketball player Jarmal Reid was ejected from Sunday's game against the Utah Utes for, well, you can figure it out yourself. 

With less than three minutes remaining and the game tied at 52, the Oregon State forward fell to the ground while in the process of snagging a rebound. Despite the Beavers maintaining possession, Reid was visibly peeved that referee Tommy Nunez did not call a foul on Utah.

So after passing the ball to a teammate, Reid appeared to intentionally stick his foot out and trip Nunez. It goes without saying, but the referees tossed him from the game.

And if that wasn't bad enough for the Beavers, Utah went on a 7-1 run and beat Oregon State 58-53.

As for Reid, a suspension from the Pac-12 seems all but inevitable.

UPDATE -- January 19, 10:20 a.m.: On Monday, Oregon State issued a four-game minimum suspension for Jarmal Reid.

According to an announcement made by head coach Wayne Tinkle, “Jarmal’s conduct and attitude in the next two weeks will determine whether any further action is warranted beyond the four-game suspension.”


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