Oregon's New Travel Video May Inspire Acid Trips More Than Vacations

Giant rabbits? Bicycling caterpillers? Frogs reading newspapers? Yeah, we're tripping.

A new Oregon travel video seems to suggest a visit to the Beaver State is more like a psychedelic acid trip.

The anime-style video shows children riding giant rabbits, frogs reading newspapers and caterpillars bicycling through the forest. Oh, and the clouds all look like humpback whales.

The video is part of a $5 million campaign to boost state tourism, according to Travel Oregon director of global communications Linea Gagliano.

“We felt like the only way to convey the incredible feeling of being in Oregon is through animation,” Gagliano told the Statesman Journal. “It creates much more of that wonder you feel when you travel someplace new.”

The video title, “Only Slightly Exaggerated,” suggests that fantastic sights like these are commonplace, though The Oregonian newspaper, in a buzz-killing article, begs to differ:

“In Oregon, it must be noted, frogs cannot and do not sit in chairs, nor do they read. Please, don’t come to Oregon looking for frogs who care about the news.

“Later in the video, an elephant-sized rabbit bounds through a field of tulips, carrying children on its back. The tulips are accurate but do not attempt to ride the rabbits.”

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