Oregon Zoo Shares Spooktacular Animal X-rays

Make no bones about it, these critters just don't look the same without fur, feathers or scales.

Just in time for Halloween, the Oregon Zoo has shared some eerie X-rays of animals that have been treated there.

According to zoo officials, the skelfies were taken with a digital X-ray machine during routine health checks. The zoo, which is located in Portland, is not only the oldest zoo west of the Mississippi River, it’s also home to a state-of-the-art, 15,000-square-foot medical center.

X-ray imaging, which the zoo began using in 2009, uses sensors instead of traditional photographic film.

“Digital radiology has proved a useful diagnostic tool and helped the zoo’s animal experts provide excellent health care,” a blog post on the zoo’s website reads. “The digital system produces images with great detail and clarity. It helps ensure excellent health care for the animals, and it also provides a unique glimpse inside the world of wildlife.”

Digital radiology allows veterinary staff to get X-ray results much faster, which minimizes anesthesia and examination time for animals. The images can also be digitally archived and easily shared, zoo officials said.

Make no bones about it, the creatures pictured below just don’t look the same without fur, feathers or scales. Scroll down and see for yourself: Ready, vet, go!

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