O'Reilly Producer Ambushes NPR CEO About Juan Williams (VIDEO)

Over the years, the ambush interview has become a time-honored tradition of Bill O'Reilly's. O'Reilly has sent his producer Jesse Watters out to surprise many people who won't come on "The O'Reilly Factor" (including Huffington Post writer Amanda Terkel).

On Monday, Watters found his latest target: NPR President and CEO Vivian Schiller. O'Reilly has slammed Schiller repeatedly ever since she fired former NPR analyst Juan Williams for his comments about Muslims on "The O'Reilly Factor" last Monday. Speaking on his show Thursday, O'Reilly called Schiller a "pinhead" and "stone-cold dumb," and branded her a "coward" for not agreeing to be interviewed on "The O'Reilly Factor," though Schiller did talk to a Fox News producer.

On Monday afternoon, Fox News released a short clip featuring Watters ambushing Schiller. In the clip, Watters says to Schiller that "you've had NPR people advocate the killing of Christians, advocate the killing of Jesse Helms."


Schiller counters that Watters' assertions are not true. "I have the quotes right here, Vivian," he responds.

"I spoke to you. I've given you my statement and now let me go on to my meeting, okay?" she says.

Before the clip ends, Watters can be heard asking Schiller if she thinks it is "shameful" that she "suggested that Juan needed to see a psychiatrist." (Schiller said on Thursday that Williams' feelings about Muslims should be left between him and his "psychiatrist or publicist." She later apologized for the comment.)

The full video of the confrontation will air on Monday's "O'Reilly Factor."