O'Reilly And Beck Bash MSNBC, Agree That Paul Krugman Wants To Destroy Economy (VIDEO)

WATCH: O'Reilly And Beck Bash MSNBC, Paul Krugman

UPDATE: Paul Krugman responded to Bill O'Reilly's claim that he wants to destroy the economy.

In a blog post on Friday, Krugman quipped, "Luckily, he hasn’t learned about our plan to steal his precious bodily fluids."

ORIGINAL POST: Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly often have their disagreements, but on Thursday's edition of O'Reilly's "At Your Beck And Call," the two were in sync repeatedly.

One point of harmony? MSNBC's dire future. The two hated a long, contentious interview that MSNBC anchor Martin Bashir had with Andrew Breitbart. Both agreed that it was a signal of MSNBC's imminent demise. "It's just not going to stand," Beck said. "MSNBC--how long does that stay in business like that? There's nothing there."

"The ratings are abysmal," O'Reilly said. "Comcast is a good company, I don't know how long they go with it."

O'Reilly has also come around to Beck's view that the "far left" is trying to systematically destroy the American economy. He said that the current fight over the national debt had convinced him that people like "Soros and his merry men" and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman want to destroy the economy so they can "build up a socialistic system."

Beck was jubilant. "Hug me," he said. "Hug me."

"Get back," O'Reilly cautioned. "I'll shoot you."


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