O'Reilly, Betrayus, and the Truth

O'Reilly, Betrayus, and the Truth
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Knowing what I know about the illegal and immoral occupation of Iraq, today's news was frustrating. No matter the station or the channel -- CNN, FOX, or PBS -- all I heard was lies about our occupation of Iraq repeated mantra-like by a swarm of the mentally lame posing as independent reporters and commentators.

I too have a few questions for General Petraeus -- he spoke of objective and mission, of goals -- but what exactly are they? Better yet, how did they evolve -- and why do they keep evolving, speciously, stupidly, tragically? That's all. By God, I felt like an Iraqi myself today. I'm sorry to say it -- I wanted to throw something at frightened occupiers only because I couldn't get close enough to really hurt the arrogant cowards that lead them.

The bemedaled Dr. Petraeus an arrogant coward? He qualified today with a report to Congress that "he wrote with his own hand." But the truth about a murderous and morally repugnant series of political mistakes, going back to September 12th when the "crazies" got their big chance to move on Baghdad -- well, that truth is a scary thing. And Petraeus, absorbed in the tactical, and blinded by access to power and commitment to his own legacy, and his future, isn't quite ready to face the truth head on.

Speaking of facing the truth head on -- Bill O'Reilly frenetically danced on the hot coals of reality with his faux-interview tonight of an honest and reflective Republican, ten-term Texas congressman, Dr. Ron Paul. O'Reilly is incredibly ignorant and remarkably rude, a lot like modern American foreign policy, in fact. Ron Paul had some things to say about that -- and amazingly his message of logic, security and constitutionalism came through. See for yourself.

Maybe there is hope after all.

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