Bill O'Reilly: Boehner's Crying Hurts His Credibility (VIDEO)

O'Reilly: Boehner's Crying Impacts His Credibility

Bill O'Reilly expressed concern about Speaker of the House John Boehner's emotional stability on his Friday show, and said that international leaders were "laughing" at him and calling him a "sissy."

O'Reilly was speaking to Fox News colleague Chris Wallace, who will interview Boehner on Sunday. "He's got to get his emotions under control," O'Reilly said. He posited that President Obama may have been trying to make Boehner cry during the State of the Union address. He then compared him to two American icons.

"You've got your George Pattons, you've got your George Washingtons--stoic, tough," O'Reilly said. "A lot of Americans, you know, well if the guy's crying every two minutes, does that mean he's strong, does that impact on his credibility?"

He said Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin was "laughing" at Boehner because, while he was "wrestling polar bears without his shirt, and has never cried in his life, he's going, 'look at this sissy.' Perception is reality."


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