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O'Reilly Condemns Right Wing Site,*

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*Okay, I'm probably getting ahead of myself. But after you read this column, I think you'll agree that tonight or tomorrow Bill will have no choice but to slam It's only fair and balanced.

Today on the Radio Factor, Bill once again felt it necessary to take on the Democrats and their decision to appears at a DailyKos convention. Hey, someone needs to report and re-report and re-re-report the important stuff.

No need to replicate Bill's listing of the same ole "want Snow to die," "want Cheney to die," "called Hillary names" admonitions made by DK commenters, but an interesting episode took place near the end of the hour when a caller pointed out that Bill didn't seem to care about right wing sites who sling the mud, naming, as one such right wing site.

Bill said he never heard of Free Republic (home of the Freepers), one of the largest right wing blogs on the Net since the mid-nineties. Bill had his sidekick, Lise Weihl go to the web site and after a good commercial-long minute of research found nothing out of hand. And even so, Bill seemed to know that it wasn't a site who had sponsored any such political events.

Now I don't want to go Freeper all over Bill's cracked research team but some might consider Free Republic hosting a George W. Bush Inaugeral Ball where Governor Huckabee and his band were booked, a political event.

Or how about supporting the a Judgment Day Rally on the steps of the Capitol, the George Washington "How Would He Vote" ad in the Washington Times during the impeachment trial, or the rally and tribute dinner for the 13 House Managers who stood up for the Constitution and the Rule of Law, or the Treason is the Reason Rally in Lafayette Park with Judicial Watch? Those might be considered political events.

But are the Freepers hate-filled or as bad as the KKK or the Nazis like Bill has determined Daily Kos is?

Well, Matt Drudge dropped his link to Free Republic "because they were doing racist stuff over the [Clinton love child]" when he click(ed) on ( and I see this headline, "Nigger Baby.""because they were doing racist stuff over the [Clinton love child]."

Lucianne Goldberg said that FreeRepublic owner, James Robinson, "let all the Y2K, gun-nut, Jew-baiting crazies take over."

Some comments made about the Clintons on FreeRepublic...

"Somehow, genital herpes just isn't enough for this duo ... 357 seems more on the mark (it may take a village to whack you, you sullen bitch!)

"Hey billzo, fondled any chicks on a rope line lately? Criss, have you noticed that these two assholes, the pres and his bitch, need about four layers of protection just to walk around in public? They know that everybody hates them, and wants them to be dead! Senator? yea-sure, c'mon, bitch, I got yer senator rite heayre! ..."

Now who are the type of people who remained on the Free Republic list while this hate was being tossed...? Really no one Bill would count as a friend...except, White House Press Secretary Tony Snow who was a registered member from 1998 (while at fair and balanced Fox News Sunday) until the day the day after the White House announced his consideration for the post of Press Secretary in 2006.

But hey, that's all old news, and Bill's team did check today's Freerepublic finding nothing really bad. So just to help out the Team I took about two minutes to find nothing, except... Omigawd, looky-here at what they the Factor's Cracked Team must have overlooked.

In a discussion of this week's Democratic Presidential Debate...

it is now offical
they are the homocrats
12 posted on 07/25/2007 3:32:10 AM PDT by genghis

Surely you jest! These fudge-packers ARE the party of hair and makeup.
25 posted on 07/25/2007 6:07:38 AM PDT by twonie (Keep your guns - and stockpile ammo.)

Homosexual seeking acceptance is no different than people who want recreation sex with animals seeking acceptance.
35 posted on 07/25/2007 9:24:55 AM PDT by longtermmemmory

But, hey, those are just a few sample that smear an entire group of people; no one in particular. For that you needed to go to a story and comments about John

5 posted on 07/25/2007 11:09:38 AM PDT by johnny7

God help me but I wish this traitorous SOB was six feet under.
10 posted on 07/25/2007 11:12:05 AM PDT by ohioman


13 posted on 07/25/2007 11:15:08 AM PDT by enough_idiocy (Get the troops out of the Iraqi civil war and send them to the Sudan civil war. Biden '08 /sarcasm)

Now I'm not condemning FreeRepublic for what their commenters post... that seems to be Bill's job. But if I could find the posts above in just a few minutes of checking a couple pages of what was only posted today, and Bill doesn't spend at least a week slamming FreeRepublic and long time Freepers, like say, Tony Snow, like he did DailyKos and the Democratic nominees well, I guess I don't know my Billy...which I don't.

In any event...if the the headline above isn't true, don't blame me.

Award-winning TV writer and author, Steve Young's "All The News That's Fit To Spoof" appears in L.A. Daily News opeds every Sunday right next to Bill's...really.

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