Well, I'm guessing the Clinton campaign feels pretty swell getting the Bill O'Reilly fair and balanced treatment during her interview last week.

Wonder if Bill happened to mention to her staff that on the same show they would bring on Dennis Miller to eviscerate her (what, wasn't Dick Morris available?), something a caller on Monday's Radio Factor accused Bill of?

Of course, BillO chastised the caller...

Bill said that all Dennis was doing was critiquing Bill's approach.

"I would not allow anyone to be eviscerated - not Hillary Clinton, not John McClain, not Barack Obama - after they were on. So, you're not telling the truth. Bad on you."

Ahem. Bad on whom, Bill?

Not eviscerate?

Miller likened Hillary to a spoon first, back-stab later, Survivor contestant and referred to her as Pinky Tuscadaro (Dennis is so many syllables ahead of me, so that one may have gone over my head). In reference to healthcare, Dennis wanted to know where she was when she was on the Board at Walmart, and then, obviously irritated, said, "you know what I'd like from Hillary Clinton I'd like her to be polite about it. This whole thing where she's in a bind now, so she comes down and she slums with Fox, it's starting to bother me." Obviously, he did not care that Hillary didn't come to Fox on hands and knees with a hardy "I'm not worthy."

Why don't we all watch and decide whether it was the caller or Bill who was no telling the truth.

Careful, Barack. If you're really considering coming on with O'Reilly, don't be surprised if your appearance on the Factor is followed by a interview critique by Jeremiah Wright.

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