O'Reilly, Guests: Torture Not All That Bad (VIDEO)

Sigh. Another day, another dollar, another session of pure B.S. from Bill O'Reilly and his merry band of idiot friends. In this clip, via Crooks and Liars, the demented Tammy Bruce issues all sorts of odd sounds from her cakehole, including these gems on torture and how it's really not that bad:

O'REILLY: The only probable cause is one person in Guantanamo said -- and she described, you know, loud music, stress positions, what do you say to that, Tammy, that there's been enough news reporting to raise it to probable cause. I don't agree, but what do you think?

BRUCE: No, loud music and standing for long hours and not having enough water is what I experience in West Hollywood on occasion. The truth of the matter is, this is classic Bush Derangement Syndrome. It's something that was coined by Charles Krauthammer, I believe, where these are individuals who are obsessed and paranoid about the president, and they're going to have to, in one of their favorite phrases, move on. Sooner than later. It just makes no sense. These are people who don't need to be in office, they need to be in a psychiatrist's office.

Naturally, you aren't supposed to make logical sense of this, though, I too think that we should err on the side of "Day Spent Traipsing Around WeHo" rather than "Pyramids of Ball-Shocked, Dog-Traumatized Waterboardees." Bruce's only mission here is to help O'Reilly's viewers to get comfortable with her own base moral perversions. (We also love the jab at West Hollywood! Very much in keeping with the overall mood of O'Reilly's show, which I'd describe as "constant and intractable gay panic." It's those subtle extras that get you invited back on the Factor.)

Anyway, since torture is no big deal, and fun to joke about, we sure hope that Bruce spends many long hours enduring painful, Gitmo-style stress positions!