Bill O'Reilly And Mike Huckabee Can't Wrap Their Minds Around Beyonce, 'This Internet Stuff'

WATCH: O'Reilly And Huckabee Can't Figure Out Beyonce

Who is partially to blame for America's out of wedlock birthrate? Beyonce.

So suggest Bill O'Reilly and Mike Huckabee, who used Monday night's broadcast of the O'Reilly Factor to point a finger at the pop superstar, her "unsuitable" music, and her "sexually explicit" videos.

Huckabee -- no stranger to criticizing Beyonce -- accused the "liberal media" of creating a false narrative of the superstar as "an empowered woman," when in reality, he said, "it's not empowering when you become an object, a sex object."

The two also questioned the Obama family's parenting skills, given that they let their daughters listen to Beyonce's music.

"It's a complicated age in which we live now," O'Reilly lamented. "Kids, with this internet stuff, they know everything."

Watch the two try to wrap their minds around Beyonce, above.

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