O'Reilly Race-Baiting Attacks On Obama Getting Ludacris

Unless you were dropped on the planet yesterday ...I take that back - five minutes ago... it's no secret Bill O'Reilly's Independent train left the station sometime during the Johnson administration - the Andrew Johnson administration. In the John McCain-Barack Obama race he has alleged the usual fair and balanced approach. In fact, Bill contends that FoxNews as a whole is right down the middle, as he told a caller on his Radio Factor this past Thursday

"Fox News has just as many liberals as conservatives, from sign on to sign off."

Bill explained that if it seems to be that he is only covering adverse news on Obama, it's because there's really nothing negative on the McCain side. At least that's the fair and balanced word he passed on to the caller.

But that was the least of Bill's objectivity capitulation. His "Big Story" of the day was the Ludacris lyrics from the song, "Politics as Usual," that purports an Obama victory along with smears on Hillary Clinton, McCain and George W. Bush.

O'Reilly's fair and balanced website teased the show...

"Soon-to-be Democratic nominee Barack Obama is in hot water again, this time because of an ugly song boosting his candidacy by rapper Ludacris. If you are judged by the friends you keep, Obama would seem to have some explaining to do! Plus, guess who is playing the race card now? One clue: It isn't McCain.

What could be more fair and balanced than that?

By the way, the "It isn't McCain playing the race card," is the spin put out by the McCain campaign. Guess Bill isn't reading McCain talking points either.

On radio, Bill brought on Temple professor and Fox contributor, Marc Lamont Hill, an African-American, who was asked by Bill to "put yourself in the shoes of white folk. Don't analyze it from your point of view." One of the few black contributors at Fox - READ THE REST OF THE STORY HERE
Award-winning TV writer, Steve Young is author of "Great Failures of the Extremely Successful" (www.greatfailure.com) and blogs at steveyoungonpolitics.com