O'Reilly Slams Ingraham: 'You Are A Blind Ideologue' And 'A Kool-Aid Drinker' (VIDEO)

Bill O'Reilly was having none of Laura Ingraham's teasing of him for "gushing" over Michelle Obama, whom he met at the White House Christmas party. O'Reilly called the First Lady "impressive" and said the First Couple were "very gracious" to him.

Ingraham repeatedly made fun of O'Reilly for these statements even as he started to get upset. He finally lost it and slammed her as a "blind ideologue" and a "Kool-Aid drinker":

Wait, a minute. I'm going to call you -- I'm calling you out on this. [...] I thought she was very nice at the party. [...] You are a blind ideologue who even if somebody's nice to you, won't admit it because you're talking about a Kool-aid drinker. [...] You have an IV attached to your arm on the Kool-aid.

WATCH: (H/t Think Progress)

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