O'Reilly To Beck: 'Your Kids Are Afraid Of You!' (VIDEO)

O'Reilly To Beck: 'Your Kids Are Afraid Of You!'

Glenn Beck's weekly "At Your Beck And Call" segment on "The O'Reilly Factor" aired Friday night, and Beck and Bill O'Reilly touched on two issues: health care reform and Beck's scariness to children.

Health reform came first: Beck said that President Obama's health care law is "gonna destroy us," and that he hopes Obama will veto any attempted Congressional repeal of the law so that he can tie himself to it even more firmly.

Then the two moved on to Beck's recent vacation in an unnamed, but warm, part of the world.

"On your website--what is it, crazybeck.com...you have pictures of you building sandcastles!" O'Reilly said, while the screen showed several of the pictures in question. Beck started to comment on one picture that showed him standing next to something called a "sharktopus."

"My kids were afraid of a shark and an octopus--" he began, before O'Reilly cut him off.

"Let me break this to you," he said. "Your kids are afraid of you, alright?" Beck then said that his sharktopus had also reduced a four-year-old girl to tears. Scaring kids on vacation, he joked, "is what I do best."

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