Bill O'Reilly Backs Megyn Kelly: 'Santa Was A White Person'

Fanning the controversy that has been batted around cable news this holiday season, Bill O’Reilly agreed with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly that Santa Claus is, in fact, white.

Citing a the "historical truth" of Santa, O’Reilly concluded "Ms. Kelly is correct. Santa was a white person."

O'Reilly then asked "Does that matter? No, that doesn't matter. The 'Spirit Of Santa' transcends all racial boundaries."

Last week, Kelly said "Santa is just white," in response to a Slate article by Aisha Harris on how having a "white Santa" can be confusing for non-whites.

The "Santa Debate" became the butt of many jokes, a returning topic for newscasts, and the latest front in "The War On Christmas." Critics argue that the entire controversy is nonsensical, a scholar telling Politico "Santa doesn’t exist - but don’t tell my three kids."

O’Reilly sent the debate back to the other end of the political spectrum, saying that the whole "white Santa" controversy was an attempt by the far left to "demonize Fox News."

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