'Oreo Gun' Attempts To Separate Cookie's Creamy Inside From Crunchy Outside, Fails Miserably (VIDEO)

What a waste of perfectly good cookies.

Joerg Sprave built a pump-action Oreo gun to separate the cookie's creamy inside and crunchy outsides at the pull of a trigger.

The results may be "less than precise," as MSN notes, but viewers will enjoy every crumb-dispersing moment of the YouTube video he posted on March 17.

Gizmodo called Sprave's Oreo gun both "patently ridiculous" and "awesome."

In some of the viral footage's best moments, the jolly German shoots a frozen Oreo at ballistic gelatin, then inserts a blade in the muzzle to try to slice the cookie apart as he blasts away.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, this wasn't the man's first YouTube video to gain attention. Sprave once demonstrated a slingshot that shoots live chainsaws on his Slingshot Channel.

On that note, who wants to let him know that there's already a device that divides the Nabisco snack's cookies and filling?



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