'Organ Trail,' Zombie Spoof Of 'Oregon Trail,' Headed For iPhone, iPad, Android Development

A famous retro computer game exploring pioneer life is back in a quirky Zombie-themed parody titled "Organ Trail," and now the undead are headed to cellphones and tablets thanks to funds raised through the website Kickstarter.

The Men Who Wear Many Hats, makers of the "Oregon Trail" parody, took to the fundraising site to ask for donations after online users suggested they develop a mobile version of the game, Wired reports.

As of Jan. 6, fundraising had reached a level three times their original goal of $3,000 more than a week before their deadline date, according to their Kickstarter page.

Now, an updated version of the game called "Organ Trail: Director's Cut" will be developed for iPhone, Android and iPad.

"Organ Trail" first made its debut in 2010 as a free online game on the group's website, where users can still test their chances of surviving the zombie apocalypse.

The mobile version of the game promises a better user-experience, updated design, new soundtrack, additional challenges and more, the group states on its Kickstarter page.

Game-maker Ryan Wiemeyer told the Los Angeles Times he was honored by all the positive feedback the group has received.

"I often sit in awe, almost every day now, at the outpouring of love and support (and money) that community is giving us," he told the paper.

The purpose of the game? Avoid an encounter with the walking dead by heading out of Washington D.C. as fast as possible, and make your way to Pittsburgh, Penn.

Much like in the original "Oregon Trail," users must scour for supplies, fight off challenges (in this case, zombies) and trek long distances to reach safety. But be warned: it won't be an easy journey.