Organic Green Beauty Is Wonderful Healing Self-Care

When it comes to smelling and looking good, my motto is, "wear organic or wear nothing!" I'm a very simple down-to-earth woman and I prefer to keep my beauty and cleanliness self-care simple and down-to-earth. I'd like to share some helpful tips to help you feel good. When you begin your day, splash your face with cool water and drink a cup of spring water, and do a little facial yoga to keep your facial muscles healthy and comfortable. When you shower, use some organic lavender castile soap or your favorite organic plant based soap or shampoo and rinse your face under the shower. When you want to comb and detangle your wet hair, allow your hair to dry naturally and use natural organic products to style your hair so that you look good and feel good with healthy organic self-care. There is a lot to be said about keeping it green, organic, natural, and non-toxic. Many aware people know that it's a smart wise choice to vote with their wallet and only use cosmetics and personal care products that contain all natural organic plant essences. The reason many people are conscious consumers is because they know that their skin is their largest organ and absorbs everything like a sponge. After all, you wouldn't eat organic healthy fruits and continue to use a shampoo that contains toxic neurotoxins that pollute the air, right? You also would only use an organic plant based laundry detergent instead of something toxic that could pollute the groundwater, right? After all, water is life and without air, we can't breathe, right? This is why I say, keep your carbon footprint very small and be gentle with your self-care and keep it green and organic.

I personally will only use a shampoo that contain plant essence ingredients like mint, sandalwood, and orange essential oils. If I'm unable to pronounce the ingredient, I won't buy it or use it. It's that simple and I think this is a very healthy smart approach that everyone should use when buying something that will touch your skin and your hair that you and others will breathe. I wear makeup only on special occasions, but when I do, I wear a little translucent foundation powder, a little blush, eye shadow, and lipstick, all organic and green. Sometimes, I just wear a little lipstick and absorb some Vitamin D from the sun, allowing the warmth to make my cheeks naturally rosy.


When my skin feels itchy, dry, or uncomfortable, I gently massage the uncomfortable areas with a teaspoon of organic unrefined sesame oil. When I want to smell lovely and feel good, I pour a drop of organic sandalwood oil on my wrists, ankles, and neck. I'm grateful for the lovely gifts Mother Nature gives me. If we could all learn to be grateful for the lovely gifts Mother Nature gives us and simplify our lives, perhaps we could learn to appreciate what we have and be happy without trying to make unnecessary dramatic painful changes to our appearance.