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10 Signs You've Taken Your Organization Habit Way Too Far


If you're anything like me, you thought dust bunnies were an extinct species (until you went to your boyfriend's house) and friends are afraid to sit down in your place in the event that they might "mess things up."

Yes, I am one of "those" painfully organized people. And while I completely admit it (and have taken on the self-proclaimed "Organization Editor" title here at HuffPost Home in light of it all), that's certainly not to say that I have gone grandma-status in my apartment, covering my furniture in plastic. I have come painfully close to that tipping point, however, so I am quite aware of what it looks like when you take your neat and tidy habit a step too far.

From my borderline-museum-status home to yours, these are the warning signs:

Color coding isn't a choice, it's a way of life.
Catch-all dishes and trays are your friends (and saviors).
Everything on a coffee table is at a 45 or 90 degree angle -- you know both without a protractor.
Tupperware or dishes that don't match? You wouldn't dream of it.
Your cleaning supplies are clean.
You don't throw your throw pillows -- you place them.
Boxes go in baskets, which go in bins, which go in the cabinet.
Stacking magazines in anything but size order is basically a crime... unless you perfectly fan them... or place them in matching holders.
Your bed must be made before you get into it.
Tangled cords (or wires showing of any kind) make you anxious.

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