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Organize Cleaning Products Underneath The Kitchen Sink With A Common Household Item (PHOTO)

All it takes is a common household item.

One of the biggest problem areas at home is the commode underneath the kitchen sink. No matter how many times we try to tidy up all those household solutions, they just end up falling all over the place, making a big mess. Luckily, we came across an awesome tip on Reddit which shows us how to organize cleaning products underneath the sink.

User accidentalhippie uploaded a photo of their neat cupboard -- thanks to a tension rod. Typically used for hanging curtains, this user decided to repurpose the wand and hang spray bottles, saving a ton of space.

We thought this was a really clever idea since it practically takes no time to set up and can really make accessing your goods a snap. But if you don't have a rod available, blogger Anna Moseley suggests using small basket to keep everything within arm's reach.

Head over to Reddit to read more about this trick and Ask Anna for other organizing tips. Don't forget to click through our slideshow, too!

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