Organize Your Closet By Using Shower Curtain Hooks

This trick is perfect for spring cleaning.

The closet is one of the most difficult spots to get in order. With so many pairs of pants, shirts and accessories, it seems like there are never enough hangers to get everything looking neat. Luckily we came across this great trick from Real Simple on how to organize your closet.

Simply use shower curtain hooks and hang heavier items like bags and belts on them. Then, just slip the rings onto the bar in your closet. Pretty cool, huh? Or, Brit Morin from Brit Co. recommends this trick wherever you have random nook space by installing a tension rod.

But this tip isn't just for the bulkier stuff in your closet. Reddit user mysteryspots hung multiple scarves neatly on just one hanger by placing the rings onto the device.

Photo by mysteryspots

So if you're planning some spring cleaning, try this idea out and we're sure your closet will look as good as the clothes hanging in it. If you want more great ideas on how to maximize your space, check out our conversation with "Ask Anna."

Click through our slideshow to see more great organizing and cleaning tips. And don't forget to head over to Real Simple for awesome repurposing ideas.

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