There's A Better Way To Manage Your Kids' Many Art Projects

Just in time for the new school year.

As all parents know, children have a constant stream of creativity. Every finger painting, macaroni necklace and Popsicle stick project is a work of art -- but it's impossible to hang on to them all. Which pieces do you keep, and which do you let go?

To keep a record of your kid's accomplishments without turning your home into a cluttered children's museum, professional organizer Peter Walsh has a great tip in the above video.

Start by grabbing a bin or a basket, one for each of your children. When Ethan brings home his latest Picasso from art class or Emma presents you with her A+ essay from English class, drop it into their bin. "At the end of the semester, go through all those pieces of work with your child and pull out the ones they like the most," Walsh instructs.

Whatever doesn't make the cut can go -- but not before you take a quick digital snapshot on your camera or phone. "Then you've got the masterpieces stored, but you've also got a record of that spelling test they aced," Walsh says.

When it comes time to pass those keepsakes onto your children, all you'll need is a tiny flash drive to share years of memories.

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