Organizing Ideas: A Bedroom Closet Goes From Stuffed To Streamlined (VIDEO)

The Homeowner: Michelle Fais

The Dilemma: Fais' bedroom came with a big closet, but it was packed to the corners with clothing. There was also a dresser next to the closet that got in the way and took up floor space. Additionally, there was too much furniture in the room, which made the overall space feel small and cluttered.

The Fix: Enter organizing experts Sarah Hayon and Stacey Platt of DwellWell NYC, who helped Fais optimize the bedroom's storage options.

First, Hayon removed some of the bigger furniture in the room, including the dresser that was blocking the closet. Fais didn't really need the dresser because she had plenty of closet space that was just not being fully used. This immediately opened up the area in front of the closet and also made the bedroom feel less crowded.

Then, it was all about organization and maximizing space in the closet. Hayon used slim hangers, which can easily double or even triple the size of any closet. And for open shelving, she brought in bins and a hanging canvas sweater holder. To organize shoes, Hayon placed them in simple containers and also hung up a shoe-storage piece behind one closet door. When it came time to tackle Fais' handbags, Hayon used a purse organizer, which had multiple compartments and could be easily hung up on a rod or moved around in the closet.

After that, since the closet had been completely reorganized, the bedroom also brightened up a bit. Stacey centered the bed and brought in a few key pieces of furniture, including a pair of nightstands and a large console, which also added extra, but unobtrusive, storage.

Click on items in the images below and scroll through the product rails to find some of the pieces used in the makeover.