22 Products To Save Your Kitchen From The Claws Of Clutter

"Did The Home Edit redo your kitchen?" they'll all ask.

Keeping your kitchen neat and organized is essential because it’s a room you spend a lot of time in. Not only will it keep your kitchen looking nice, but it will also be easier to grab everything you need while cooking dinner. Here are some great containers, accessories and more that will save your kitchen from the claws of clutter.

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A set of minimalist labels
Real and Vibrant / Etsy
Get fancy and make it so you can quickly identify your ingredients. It also just looks incredibly pretty, so there's that.

Promising review: "Absolutely obsessed with how organized my kitchen looks with these effortless and minimal stickers for my jars. I’m tempted to buy each and every sticker! If I ever need to change out my jars, I will definitely be reordering these stickers." — Emily Nguyen

Get a set of 20 from Real and Vibrant on Etsy for $10+ (available in larger sets and customizable options).
A knife dock
Store your extra favorite knives that don't fit in your block with this dock. Just slip this guy into a drawer, and safely keep them out of sight.

Promising review: "It seems to be well-made and does the job. I love the built-in knife handle rest at the rear so the knives don't rock up. I feel much better reaching into my drawer to get knives now. The rubber nubs on the bottom make it stay in place even on the slick wood in my drawer." — Feathersprings

Get it from Amazon for $29.99.
And adjustable bamboo dividers
You can configure your utensil drawer exactly the way you like it. But don't stop there — these are also great for organizing your dresser that's currently filled to the brim with sweaters.

Promising review: "My kitchen utensil drawer was literally so unorganized I could barely open it. I really needed a 'system' and these drawer dividers did the trick. Even though I have a lot of items crammed into my drawer, I can now find what I am looking for so much easier! The dividers popped right into place, and are automatically self-adjusting due to the spring system inside each divider. They seem very sturdy (they are not easily pushed around inside the drawer), and I love that these can be removed at any time for cleaning or to make adjustments as needed. These are great!" — Honest4u

Get a set of four from Amazon for $29.99 (available in two colors).
A hanging wood shelf with hooks and compartments
While this can work in many different parts of your home, it will work great in your kitchen so you can create the coffee station of your dreams. WFH doesn't seem so bad with this thing in your corner (literally).

Promising review: "I love this shelf, it’s absolutely perfect for my drink station space in the corner of my dining room. Fits a ton of K cups, or other items. Very sturdy, but was easy to install. Also, probably weird, but its natural wood smell is nice, not overpowering, only when up close.. I think that’s a bonus. Drawers slide in and out easily and the hanger hook are super sturdy. Very happy with this purchase." — Kindle Customer

Get it from Amazon for $59.99 (available in three colors).
A coffee mug rack
If your mug collection is overflowing in your cabinet, it's time to invest in a new storage system. Plus, you'll get to see all the cute mugs you've collected more often.

Promising review: "Love this mug rack! The anchors and screws hold it in place and as you can see from the photo, it’s not crooked once on the wall. Super happy with it! If you hang large mugs, know you won’t be able to fit one on ever single hook, but I fit about 21 comfortably, which is plenty for me!" — Anelise Baugus

Get it from Amazon for $89.95.
A six-piece bin set
Tidy up your fridge and freezer so you can easily get to everything you need for dinner. Consider this your new way to keep track of everything in your fridge — no more moldy leftovers hiding in the back, stinking up the place.

Promising review: "Very happy with these organizers. They are very sturdy and help keep my refrigerator organized. It's so much easier to find things. Things don't get lost in the back of the fridge. If something spills, it is easy to remove just that container and clean it than to clean the entire shelf. My refrigerator just looks better when the door is opened with these handy organizers. Should have purchased them sooner!" — Thoreauback

Get it from Amazon for $34.99.
An expandable shelf
Food 52
You can double your counter space and stop shoving all the odds and ends into random places around your kitchen.

Promising review: "This expandable rack was just what our small kitchen counter needed. It's easy to assemble, practical, sturdy, and nice to look at." — S.T.

Get it from Food52 for $65 (available in black and white).
Or a three-tier corner shelf
This will give ya a creative, pretty-looking solution to your all-too-frequent where the heck do I put this problem.

Promising review: "Useful. Love that I can change the configuration. I like the look and the function. Very happy with it. It fits and works well in my awkward kitchen counter corner." — Melissa Dagenhart

Get it from Amazon for $22.99+ (available in four shapes and configurations).
A container
Designed specifically to fit those seasoning packets, this will take the mess currently taking over your spice cabinet in the most unnecessary way and turned it into an organized haven.

Promising review: "Nice size and as described. Sturdy and durable organization for pantry. I used a set to organize my makeup palettes in my bathroom drawer as well." — Larissa

Get a two-pack from Amazon for $17.99.
An adjustable rack
This can be hung on the wall or tossed over the pantry door for instant ample storage. We're talkin' eight shelves you can pack your cooking sprays, plastic bags, foils and everything in between on.

Promising review: "Added 50% more space to my pantry. I LOVE this organizer! I had one very similar from The Container Store that cost around $80 and was not as sturdy and useful as this one. It was extremely easy to install, but you really need to screw it in the door, otherwise it will move and the food will fall out from behind. I use this for jars, boxes, cans, etc. and have never had an issue in the year I've had it. I plan to order another one for my laundry room to store laundry and cleaning supplies." — Jenny

Get it from Amazon for $47.50.
A bamboo cutting board
The chop 'n drop design makes this the simplest way to prep and store food. It even includes built-in graters so you can swap in and shave away. Once the container is full, just pop in an empty one for your new fruits and veggies. You'll never go back after this.

Promising review: "Cooking at home, I always tend to make a big mess on the counters and use a bunch of plates and bowls. This set allowed me to consolidate and organize everything. So helpful. Love the save of space and the containers are great. The other ones I've seen on Amazon don't have leak-proof containers or some didn't even have lids. After researching the other choices, I had to go with this one. Solid construction and practical containers. Product is as described." — Hub Ulrich

Get it from Amazon for $69.92.
A two-tier lazy Susan
This features removable bins to store your sugars, K-Cups and spices. That coffee station you're creating, yeah, it needs this handy organizer.

Promising review: "I LOVE this turntable. I have it on a top shelf with dressing mixes, gravy packets, and other 'loose items' that were always getting in my way. I can twirl it around, lift out only the section I need, and replace it easily. I actually wish I had a reason to purchase a second one." — Mamacat

Get it from Amazon for $28.17.
A stackable, two-tier basket drawer
You can finally (finally!) make the most out of narrow cabinets with this. The days of standing on your tippy-toes looking for the cinnamon that somehow got lost in a sea of jars is in the past.

Promising review: "I first bought four for inside a cabinet. Then got two more for another open-door area. These things are excellent for organization. I'm using the original four for storing all my kitchen gadgets (coffee bean grinder, garlic press, ricer, etc.) and the last two for onions, potatoes, garlic and the like. Possibly my best purchase at Amazon... And I buy a lot." — J. Standre

Get it from Amazon for $27.87.
A baker's rack
If your kitchen had the audacity to give you two cabinets and a tiny slab of counter space to work with, you need this. It has two shelves, a drawer, magnetic knife plate, prep space and upper wire wrack to hang utensils and recipes. Plus, it's large and sturdy enough to hold accommodate a microwave!

Promising review: "This baker’s rack was exactly what I needed for my galley kitchen. It arrived without any damages and was easy to put together. It’s sturdy enough to hold a microwave. I’m surprised how sturdy on the top is — it can hold several baskets with veggies no problem." — Caitlin

Get it from Wayfair for $139.99.
Stackable wine containers
Jamming bottles where they clearly don't fit doesn't have to be your reality, friends! Slip your vino in these organizers and free up some important fridge real estate.

Promising review: "I have wine that was taking up too much space in my fridge. Now that it is stacked, it works a lot better! Plus, the wine bottles would roll around on my glass shelf and drive me crazy. No more rolling bottles and now there is room for more food! The holders are plastic, but seem pretty durable." — MindSetOnBeach

Get a set of two from Amazon for $16.48.
A wall-mount organizer
It comes with handy accessories (like hooks for pans) that'll give you quick access to all your kitchen essentials.

Promising review: "We needed this rack in our kitchen as our cabinets started getting full of pots and pans all over the place including their lids. Our kitchen is small but this rack was the best thing we bought for our kitchen. Very robust metal construction, light for its size and extremely easy to install. I had to drill six screws in the wall. One for each level and finally two more for the supporting bars that are extended to the front. I recommend this product to anyone who wants to organize their kitchens and have their pots and pans they use frequently at one spot." — Niklas Henricson

Get it from Amazon for $57.75+ (available in black and silver).
Attachable drawers
Take full advantage of all the extra fridge space that'll impossible to utilize...until now. Next-level organization = unlocked.

Promising review: "I love these little drawers! They are just what I needed as I hate a messy fridge! They don't hold a lot, but I was aware of that before purchasing. I store items in them that I don't use or need every day. It's easy to see what's in them, and everything is now tidy." — Lauren D.

Get a set of two from Amazon for $34.99 (available in three styles).
An over-the-door-organizer
You can use this to hole a variety of things like cutting boards, cleaners and cooking sprays that are currently shoved in one cabinet with no rhyme or reason. Get creative people, the kitchen is your oyster!

Psst! It comes with screws so you don't have to use the hangers if they don't fit on your cabinet. With that being said, you should definitely measure before buying if you *do* want to hang it over the cabinet door.

Promising review: "I was looking for something like this for so long! Cutting boards were everywhere, falling on me at the worst moment. I wanted them out of my sight but easily accessible. This is a perfect solution. Fit about five normal cutting boards and a couple of thin plastic ones, and two little boards. Great quality and sturdiness." — 21w

Get it from Amazon for $14.97.
Or a bakeware, lid, and cutting board organizer
You can adjust this accordingly based on the size of your sheet pans and dishes. Imagine opening up your cabinet to see this instead of a mound of cookware just ready to topple out all over you.

Promising review: "By the picture, I was expecting a lightweight plastic base with flimsy metal uprights that would hold a lightweight pan or cutting board. BOY, WAS I WRONG!!!! This is a very heavy-duty base with good grip on the bottom. The upright parts are heavily coated wire to prevent scratching of the items it is holding. I am SO PLEASED with the quality of this rack that I will be ordering a couple more to use for my skillets. Buy with confidence as these are really a quality product." — labbie1

Get it from Amazon for $19.99 (available in three styles)
Super strong magnetic strips
Designed to hang beer bottles and keep them off your shelf, these strips will give you more room in your fridge. This is the kind of six-pack you should be striving for in 2021.

Promising review: "Of all the things I have bought that I didn't need, this is one of my favorites. Beer is hard to get out of the cardboard carrier in the top of my fridge. While just taking them out and sitting them on the shelf would have solved this problem as well, this solution is more fun. They float and technically it does make a tiny bit of extra space under the beer for small thinks like cheese or something." — AbbyValentine

Get two magnet strips (holds a six pack) from Amazon for $29.99.
A bread box
Not only does this keep your loaves and pastries from turning into crumbly rocks, but it also gives them a pretty home that looks absolutely fabulous on your now very organized countertops. Protect carbs at all costs!

Promising review: "This breadbox is just darling on my counter. I have been looking for something to help keep the clutter off my counter for years. I was so tired of seeing the same old kinds everywhere. This one is perfect! It holds TWO LOAVES of bread and any other baked goods you might have." — Brandy Eckman

Get it from Amazon for $39.99+ (available in two colors).
Wall mount baskets
Attach a few of these to your walls to hold fruits and veggies, jarred foods, cleaning supplies and so on. Really, these things are so versatile so go bananas.

Promising review: "I adore these baskets. I got two of the medium size in bronze, and they fit perfectly with my kitchen. They hold four of the quart-size Ball mason jars nicely. Nice quality and finish." — Lulabelle

Get it from Amazon for $6.99+ (available in four sizes and three colors).

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