The 6 Organizing Solutions You Didn't Know Your Home Needed

The 6 Organizing Solutions You Didn't Know Your Home Needed

When it comes to home organization, you usually hear the same advice: Stock up on storage baskets, keep a label maker handy, and so on. But what if you're looking to take it one step further? Say, turning that messy closet into a command center, or making the most of your (limited) kitchen space? Well, thanks to the brilliant designers who submitted their work to our friends at, you can stop wondering and start getting inspired.

Take a look...

Turn any entryway into the place where design meets function by incorporating shelving under a seating area.
Sag Harbor Project by Foley & Cox Interiors
You can never (ever) have too many hooks in the bathroom, so add away and you'll stop finding towels, robes or laundry on the bathroom floor.
Terrace House by PorterFanna Architecture
Take control in the kitchen with hidden storage that meets all of your culinary needs.
Lake Hickory by Walker Woodworking
Put that underutilized space under the stairs to work AS a place to work.
Condo Renovation by Custom House Construction Corp
Transform a closet into a command center with a little chalkboard paint and lots of colorful chalk.
Washington Park by Colleen Knowles Interior Design
Forget wallpaper or framed art -- back your office walls with a bulletin board where you can display both your personality and your to-do list.

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